House Justice (DeMarco Series #5)

In House Justice, an American defense contractor attempts to sell U.S. missile technology to the Iranians — and the CIA knows all about it thanks to a spy in Tehran. But then the story is leaked to an ambitious journalist and the spy is exposed, brutally tortured, and executed.

The director of the CIA isn’t about to let the death of his spy go unpunished. A valuable asset has been callously sacrificed, and he’s going to find out who did it no matter how many rules he has to break. DeMarco’s boss, Speaker of the House John Fitzpatrick Mahoney has his own reasons to get to the bottom of the leak: he once had a fling with the journalist, and now that she’s in jail for refusing to reveal her source, she’s threatening to tell about their affair unless he helps get her out.

DeMarco and the CIA aren’t the only ones looking for the source of the leak. Someone else wants to avenge the spy’s death and is tailing DeMarco, hoping DeMarco will lead him to his prey. House Justice is a classic DeMarco thriller — fascinating characters, inside-the-beltway intrigue, and a gripping plot packed with surprises.

Library Journal: “Lawson has honed his skill to write a perfect political thriller — fast-moving, cynical, but ultimately moral.”