HOUSE RECKONING (DeMarco Series #9)

When Joe DeMarco was growing up, he always knew his father had a shadowy job working for a violent Mafioso in New York. But he didn’t know that his father had been a hit man until he was murdered. The crime was never solved. Twenty years later, one of Gino’s former mob associates is dying and wants to get something off his chest before retiring to his grave: the truth about Gino DeMarco’s killer.

DeMarco, whose career prospects were limited by his dark family past, is now a fixer for Congressmen John Mahoney, a hard-drinking Bostonian with his own unique sense of ethics. But his boss won’t help him when it comes to avenging his father’s death – the political risk is too great – and DeMarco must ask himself: Is revenge over a two-decades old tragedy worth his job – and maybe even his life.

Only the alleged killer was not just another hood. At the time he was a supposedly upstanding citizen, and in the intervening years, his career has flourished. Now he is on the brink of taking a job in Washington, D.C. that will leave him virtually untouchable. If DeMarco has any hope of finding out the truth and avenging his father’s death, he’ll have to act quickly. But how far is he willing to go?

House Reckoning tells DeMarco’s personal story in full for the first time, from his upbringing to his complicated relationship with his father and mother to the start of his career. Full of great characters and humor, and featuring a twisty plot that builds to a shocking conclusion, it is a must-read for fans, and an excellent introduction to this fantastic series.