The Second Perimeter (DeMarco Series #2)

Bestselling Author Thomas Perry had this to say about The Second Perimeter: “A rich variety of spies, former spies, and criminal operatives entangled in a deadly and suspenseful war of attack and reprisal. What could be more entertaining? ”

When the Secretary of the Navy’s nephew tells him that two colleagues at a U.S. Naval base are committing fraud, his uncle is skeptical. Reluctant to launch an official investigation based on a relative’s vague suspicions, the Secretary asks House Speaker, John Mahoney, to send his go-to guy DeMarco to check out the story. As DeMarco and his friend Emma, a retired DIA agent, begin to investigate what they thought was a low-stakes government swindle, they come to the terrifying realization that an espionage ring has infiltrated the naval base.

The leader of the espionage ring is a woman with whom Emma has a history dating back to the Cold War. Their encounter destroyed the woman’s once promising career and turned her into a ruthless operative who cares about only one thing: destroying Emma. DeMarco has never been near a spy in his life – at least not that he ever knew of – and now he’s dealing with a foreign agent who is more lethal than anyone he’s ever encountered. Not only is Emma’s life in danger, but ultimately the Speaker himself becomes a target.

Sarah Weinman, critic for the Baltimore Sun: “…has snappy dialogue, fantastically off-kilter characters, and one extremely pissed off Chinese spy makes for non-stop reading. Lawson’s got the goods for bestsellerdom …”

The Oregonian: “In this sequel to his highly praised The Inside Ring, Lawson again ratchets up the suspense and takes DeMarco on a wild ride.”

Booklist: “At once a solid thriller and a revealing look behind the scenes of American politics, the tale will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers.”

The Tampa Bay Tribune: “…another one of those summer page-turning thrillers.”