Viking Bay, the exciting sequel to Rosarito Beach

9780399165740_large_Viking_Bay (1)Release Date: January 6th, 2015

Kay Hamilton has been fired by the DEA and moves to Washington D.C. where she hooks up with the Callahan Group, a shadowy quasi-government agency with an enigmatic agenda. For her first mission, Kay is told only a few facts: that the U.S. government wants Sahid Khan, a provincial Afghan governor, to become the nation’s next president, and that Kay’s job is to get close to Khan’s daughter Ara—a Western-educated former party girl—who is her father’s key political advisor. But then things go horribly wrong at a clandestine meeting in Afghanistan and Kay emerges at the center of an international plot that makes her question those she loves, those she works for, and her own faith in justice.




Available July 2015

House Rivals, the tenth book in Mike Lawson’s award-winning series, takes DeMarco further out of his element than ever before, as he is sent to North Dakota to protect a passionate but naïve twenty-two-year-old firebrand blogger who has been assaulted and is receiving death threats. Sarah is on a relentless crusade against a tycoon who has profited handsomely from the natural gas boom in the Dakotas and who has been bribing politicians and judges to keep things in his favor. DeMarco suspects that a fixer like himself is pulling strings for the tycoon but as DeMarco tries to identify his adversaries, the situation turns unexpectedly violent and DeMarco finds himself in a battle of wits against two people who will stop at nothing to win. Smartly written with Lawson’s trademark smooth prose and subtle humor, House Rivals is an enthralling, timely thriller that readers won’t want to miss.



housereckoningThe Latest DeMarco Book


(DeMarco Series #9)

“A compelling story of vengeance. Lawson is a gifted master.” —Rick Mofina, bestselling author of Whirlwind

“Mike Lawson has a talent for creating characters we care about, and his writing
is so smooth, so seamless, that you don’t realize how far you’ve been submerged in DeMarco’s world ….” Seattle Mystery Bookshop